I am a designer out of Nashville TN. My whole life I have been  inspired by the women in my life. Sewing runs in the family and I have been curious my whole life

I try to think about whether my mom, my sister or my best friend would wear what I create.

Know that everything I create is made with great affection. 

Friends and family are my inspiration

women are a relational people so our 

 Although she has no formal training, sewing and pattern making runs in the family. I have always 

Work experience - merchandising, styling wedding industry

I have always been drawn to style fashion

embracing art my whole life

sewing my whole life it only made sense to move onto designing apparel

My journey with fashion started really young, I loved playing with barbies but mostly just dressing them up over and over again. I


Anyone can say that "what's on the inside is what really matters" but it takes courage to admit that we want to be beautiful on the outside as well. I want to be beautiful and feel beautiful and I want to empower women to feel that same way. When you are getting dressed for your day, I want you to know that you are lovely in every way.