When I am coming up with a new design or creating a new pattern I am always thinking of the women who surround me. My greatest source of inspiration comes from the interactions I have with my best friends, my sisters and my mom. We, as women, have such an emotional connection to our clothing so I get feedback from those closest to me throughout the design process. We talk about how a garment looks, feels, and functions. I love to tweak and slowly improve as I get closer and closer to the final pattern. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing from a bestie about how much they are in love with a piece and how beautiful it is.



My name is Emily Herron and I am currently residing in Nashville TN. I relocated to California from small town Ontario before marrying my husband and making the move to Tennessee. We recently adopted a cat and have totally spoiled her rotten. I love coffee and red wine and  have a really big sweet tooth. Some of my favorite things to do are to host friends for a meal or to spend a whole evening eating gluten and sugar while watching chick flicks from the 90s. Oh, and I have way too many shoes...classic.