First Photoshoot

It's a very surreal feeling to watch your work come to life. I have spent so long working on the patterns and sewing away on these capes, and now to see them in photos AND on a stunning human is incredible. My friend Ashtin photographed the whole shoot and really helped me get my brain on track.

It was actually hard to articulate what I wanted and what I was envisioning. I felt though my creative brain was spent. Luckily, Ashtin is super and after seeing my capes she pulled a few perfect images for some inspiration. It was a resounding "yes" on my end.

We decided on something minimal, but not severe. I wanted our model's hilarious personality to shine through. EMLEE is for real women so we talked about keeping things clean, simple, and easy. 

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Thank you so much to all of those who helped make the day a success! We did it!


Photography - Ashtin Paige Photo

Hair and Make-up - 

Model - Katie Cook

Emily HerronComment